Help: Browser integration

There are two main ways of using Choosy's functionality from within your browser:

Browser extensions

Browser extensions allow you to open a link from one browser in another. When you have a Choosy browser extension installed, your browser will gain two features:

Extensions are available for Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. How they are installed and configured varies from browser to browser.


Choosy has a built-in Safari App Extension, which means that the Safari extension is installed and ready to go as soon as you launch Choosy (v2.1 or later).

Safari App Extensions are disabled by default, so before you can use it you will need to enable it in the Safari preferences:

  1. Launch Safari
  2. Open the preferences, either from the Safari menu, or by pressing cmd,
  3. Select the Extensions tab
  4. Check the box next to Choosy in the list of extensions

Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows third-party apps, like Choosy, to automatically install an extension from the Chrome Web Store.

When you first launch Choosy (v2.1 or later), it will install a configuration file telling Google Chrome where to find the Choosy extension.

The next time you restart Google Chrome, you will be prompted to enable the extension.

After that initial prompt, if you want to enable or disable the Choosy extension in Chrome, you can visit chrome://extensions in Google Chrome.

If you remove the extension from Google Chrome, Choosy won't attempt to reinstall it. If you change your mind, you can find the Choosy extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Firefox & Opera

Firefox and Opera both support extensions, but recommend that third-party apps, like Choosy, don't attempt to install them automatically.

You can find links to these extensions on the Choosy web site's browsers page.


Bookmarklets are links that you can add to the bookmarks bar of a browser. Rather than linking a web page they run a small script. The Choosy bookmarklets allow you to open the page you are currently looking at in another browser using Choosy. They don't provide as much integration as extensions, but they will work the same in almost any browser.

You can find the bookmarklets on the Choosy web site and drag them into your browser's bookmarks bar from there.