Choosy in your browser

Choosy provides browser extensions for a number of popular browsers. Each extension adds a Choosy button to the browser's menu bar, so you can easily send the page you're looking at in one browser to another.

They also add an item to the browser's context-menu, so whenever you control-click (or right-click) on a link you can send it directly to Choosy.

Built into Choosy

When you launch Choosy for the first time, several browser extensions are installed by default.

Check out the help page on browser extensions for more information on setting up the built-in extensions.

Available online

For browsers that don't support automatic installation, you can download the extensions.

Other browsers

Don't see one of your favourite browsers in the list of extensions? Don't worry! You can still send pages from your browser to Choosy, using this bookmarklet.

Drag it your bookmarks bar, so it'll be there when you need it: