Choosy opens every link in the right browser

Instead of opening links in the default browser, Choosy sends them to the right browser. Every time.

Pick a browser

Choosy can prompt you to select from the browsers on your Mac, or just the ones that are running, so you can decide which browser is right for a particular link.

Screenshot of Choosy's browser prompt

Let Choosy pick for you

Powerful behaviour rules mean that Choosy can pick the right browser without prompting you. Always want links from your email client to open in Safari? No problem.

Screenshot of Choosy's rule editor

Browser profiles

Use Choosy to select the right profile or a private browser window in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave & Vivaldi.

macOS native

Choosy’s rules bring even more power and flexibility to macOS features like AirDrop, Handoff, and the Share menu.

Browser extensions

Browser extensions bring Choosy into your favourite browsers, so you can move a Web page from one browser to another at the click of a button.

Learn more about browser extensions.

Powerful API

Choosy's powerful URL-based API lets developers trigger Choosy from their own scripts and programs. It works from the Terminal, AppleScript, or anywhere you can open a URL.

Learn more about Choosy's API.